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We are... Let's create a custom Ride A Bull hat that resembles your mascot, animal exhibit, or character. The possibilities are endless!



Theme Parks


Improve their view

Get closer to the action

Fun while waiting or traveling

Enjoy larger parks


Unique Branding Opportunity

Looking for a truly unique branding opportunity for your zoo, theme park, or sports team?

Increase your profits and brand awareness with Ride A Bull Hats!

Let us customize our products into a highly profitable and unique branding tool for your entity.

Do you have a new exhibit and want to increase awareness? We can create an adorable matching hat to highlight your exhibit.

Are your team colors easily recognizable? Have a cute and cuddly mascot? A hat version of your mascot or matching team colors is a truly unique and fun branding tool!


Better view = Happier kids

By promoting the use of Ride A Bull Hats and improving the view of your tiniest and most abundant visitors, your business can greatly improve the customer satisfaction of children, their parents, and other patrons.

Large theme parks or zoos aren't a problem anymore because children can hold onto the handles with less effort than walking.

Children will look forward to trips to the baseball stadium, theme park, or zoo so they can use their favorite hat!

Let's Work Together

create your custom character or mascot



Premium Plush Fabric


One-Size Fits All


One-Piece Support Strap & Handles


Embroidered Details


Stress Tested Handles


Integrated Chinstrap Cushion

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