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Get your ride on and smile on with Ride A Bull!

Ride A Bull Hats give your little one something to hold onto while riding on your shoulders, improves your child’s view, conserves their energy, and is fun for everyone.

Stop getting your hair pulled and having disappointed and tired children at concerts, sporting events, theme parks, zoos, and more…

Experience the ultimate comfort and excitement that Sandy the Shark brings to your family outings. It's a great gift idea. Get yours now and have better adventures with Ride A Bull Hats!

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Happy Kids = Happy Parents


Improve their view & energy

Unfortunately, most concerts, sports stadiums, theme parks, and zoos don’t provide optimal viewing for children. Most popular exhibits or stages have people in front of the main viewing area, which typically blocks the view for small children.

Does your child experience challenges viewing the action? Ours did too, but not anymore thanks to Ride A Bull Hats...

Finally, you can visit large theme parks or zoos without your child falling asleep, losing interest, or mentioning that their legs hurt. Help them conserve their energy by allowing them to hold onto handles and ride, instead of walking endlessly, or waiting in lines.


More secure for both of you

We knew there was a better way... Ride A Bull Hats include handles designed for children's hands, giving them something to hold onto instead of your hair, ears, earrings, sunglasses, or neck.

Our one-piece support strap and handles are stress tested and resist even the most aggressive riders. Small children will feel more secure and so will you!



Theme Parks


Improve their view

Get closer to the action

Fun while waiting or traveling

Enjoy larger parks



Premium Plush Fabric


One-Size Fits All


One-Piece Support Strap & Handles


Embroidered Details


Stress Tested Handles


Integrated Chinstrap Cushion

7 reviews for Sandy the Shark

  1. Ray

    I purchased this to enjoy with my niece. She’s 2 and absolutely loves it! Excellent quality and cute. I definitely recommend this…

  2. Alex

    This was an amazing gift. Everyone was surprised how soft it was and their kid enjoyed it. Thank you.

  3. Kevin

    I received this as a gift. My son and I are having so much fun with it! My friend asked me for one so he could use it with his daughter. We had the best time with this hat and I know they will too!

  4. Samson

    The Ride A Bull hat is the most unique hat I’ve ever had! It made our daddy-daughter rides extra special. It’s a gift that brought a smile to my daughers face as well as I didn’t have to hold her with one arm.

  5. Tom

    The hat was not only fun but also super comfy for both of us! I didn’t have to worry about my sunglasses getting knocked off my head.
    It’s the perfect hat for little adventurers who want to have a blast!

  6. Jordan

    I recently gave the Ride A Bull hat as a gift, and let me tell you, the recipient was blown away! It’s a truly one-of-a-kind present that shows you’ve put thought into making their experience extraordinary.

  7. lschum

    I’ve seen this hat on a dad with his son and it worked great . I love it. What a great idea. Buy this hat!

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